High Quality

Our pictures of amber with high quality, they are equipped with the best solar stone, which is mined in Polissya, namely in the village. Klesov.

For manufacturing our products, we choose the best breed of amber that our client received a product-masterpiece.

best design

Our designers - a true artists that work wonders for clients. Their creativity has opened a new perspective on the art of creating paintings. They show unexpected and unique splash of imagination


rapid order fulfillment and delivery of purchases at the present stage of development of marketing policy consumers tied for first place in the hierarchy of their own requirements.

All orders of our customers, always performed in the shortest possible time.

The best and most beautiful paintings produced in the U.S. only.

What to present?

We all love the holidays. What could be better fun and joy that they bring with them? Since then forward them closer look and ... some apprehension. After the holidays to give presents. You can go through the standard trite and give "lady flowers, kids ice cream." But I want to congratulate the way a person present, something original exclusive, something to remember for a lifetime. In our gift shop you can find gifts for any holiday. Of all the gifts I would like to highlight pictures of amber. Just imagine how delighted a person who has received a gift of "a piece of the Sun", the object of aesthetic pleasure and charm at the same time. Picture of Amber - an original beautiful gift which delighted everyone from head to work and ending with a loved one!



Amber - stone, which is closely related culture of mankind. Our ancestors called amber "Tears of the Sun", giving it a miraculous properties. At the time of amber jewelry recommended to treat both physical and mental illness. People used to carry amulets of amber and products from this stone adorned almost every house. On Earth, very few places, rich amber, this is sometimes the price exceeded the price of gold. Find amber can and Ukraine. Polissya - land of blue lakes, forests age and quiet rivers rich amber. Residents of the land has long been famous for its craftsmen from making jewelry with amber.

Pictures Amber

Pictures from amber chips - an original gift to a business partner, a friend and just loved one. Also today, more and more people get pictures of amber for themselves - this product will complement the interior of any home, it will make a note of originality and sophistication. Turning to the masters of our art galleries, you can find a picture of amber of any genre - as reproductions of paintings by famous artists and paintings, according to your personal wishes. Pictures of Amber - is the original elegance and luxury, which, however, can not afford one! Unable to tear his gaze from the bright palette of colors "living" stone - amber! Pictures made of amber - a real painting unique beauty!


Amber - fossil resin, mineral class of organic compounds. It is used to make jewelry. Has many poetic names - "tears of the sea", "gift of the sun" and so forth.



Polissya always famous for its craftsmen processing "gifts of the sun", skill in working with amber passed from grandfather, great-grandfather from generation to generation.

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Amber, amber, amber redhead, Bodenstein, Amber, amber, amber - a natural organic compound, dense and viscous (petrified) fossil resin of coniferous trees. Faint, transparent and translucent stones.


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