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Price list of icons and paintings Pano (measured by production in general)

product name Article Price UAH .
1Painting 10x151077016130,00
2Painting 10x15 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д180,00
3Painting 15x201077016200,00
4Painting 15x20 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д250,00
5Painting 20x301077016350,00
6Painting 20x30 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д420,00
7Painting 30x401077016700,00
8Painting 30x40 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д800,00
9Painting 30x501077016850.00
10Painting 30x50 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д950,00
11Painting 40x6010770161500,00
12Painting 40x60 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д1800,00
13Painting 40x70 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д2100,00
14Painting 50x7010770162400,00
15Painting 50x70 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д2700,00
16Painting 60x80 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д3300,00
17Іkona "Oberig avtomobіlny" (Sklo)1077015250,00
18Іkona 10x151077015150,00
19Іkona 10x15 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077016Д205,00
20Іkona 10x15 in December. ramtsі (pid Sklo)1077015300,00
21Іkona 15x201077015260,00
22Іkona 15x20 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д310,00
23Іkona 15x20 in December. ramtsі (pid Sklo)1077015Д420,00
24Іkona 20x301077015450,00
25Іkona 20x30 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д500,00
26Іkona 20x30 in December. ramtsі (pid Sklo)1077015Д600,00
27Іkona 20x30 - kіot1077015700,00
28Іkona 20x30 (The Last Supper) in December. ramtsі1077015Д660,00
29Іkona 20x30 (The Last Supper) in the DR (Sklo)1077015Д780.00
30Іkona 30x401077015750,00
31Іkona 30x40 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д850,00
32Іkona 30x40 (pid Sklo)1077015Д1100,00
33Іkona 30x40 (The Last Supper)10770151000,00
34Іkona 30x40 (The Last Supper) in December. ramtsі1077015Д1200,00
35Іkona 30x40 (The Last Supper) in the DR (Sklo)1077015Д1400.00
36Іkona 30x5010770151000,00
37Іkona 30x50 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д1020,00
38Іkona 30x50 (The Last Supper)10770151100,00
39Іkona 30x50 (The Last Supper) in December. ramtsі1077015Д1300,00
40Іkona 30x50 (The Last Supper) in the DR1077015Д1600.00
41Іkona 40x6010770151800,00
42Іkona 40x60 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д2100,00
43Іkona 40x60 in dekorativnіy ramtsі. Sklo1077015Д2800,00
44Іkona 40x60 (The Last Supper)10770152100,00
45Іkona 40x60 (The Last Supper) in December. ramtsі1077015Д2500,00
46Іkona 40x7010770152300,00
47Іkona 40x70 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д2550,00
48Іkona 40x70 (The Last Supper) in December. ramtsі1077015Д2800,00
49Іkona 50x7010770152700,00
50Іkona 50x70 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д3000,00
51Іkona 50x70 (The Last Supper) in December. ramtsі1077015Д3700,00
52Іkona 60x80 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д4500,00
53Іkona 60x80 (The Last Supper)10770155500,00
5420x30 Portrait in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д600,00
5530x40 Portrait in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д1200,00
5640x60 Portrait in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д2200,00
5760x80 Portrait in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д5500,00
58Triptych 30x401077015Д6500,00
59Triptych 30x501077015Д8500,00
60Triptych 40x601077015Д13000,00
61Panno 10x151077015160,00
62Panel 10 x 15 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д210,00
63Panno 15x201077015270,00
64Panels 15x20 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д350,00
65Panno 20x301077015500,00
66Panels 20x30 in dekorativnіy ramtsі1077015Д600,00
67Panno 30x401077015900,00
68Panels 30x40 in dek.r.1077015Д1100,00
69Panno 30x5010770151100,00
70Panels 30x50 in dek.r.1077015Д1300,00
71Panno 40x6010770152100,00
72Panels 40x60 in dek.r.1077015Д2500,00
73Panels 40x70 in dek.r.1077015Д2800,00
74Panno 50x7010770153100,00
75Panels 50x70 in dek.r.1077015Д3500,00
76Panno 60x8010770154700,00
77Panels 60x80 in dek.r.1077015Д5500,00
78Chasi dekorativnі 20x301077015650,00
79Chasi dekorativnі 30x4010770151300,00
80decorative vase7В01003-01від 500 ,00
81Tarіlka decorative7В01004-02від 500,00
82Suvenіr (on magnіtі)7В01004-06від 100
83Suvenіr "Tree of Happiness" c 1) 7В01006-0410,00
84Pіdstavki dekorativnі 7В01006-05від 1000,00
85Bushi lіkuvalnі (1 oz.) 7В01006-0710,00
86Keychain (per oz.) 7В01004-0345,00

Note: in the manufacture of products for individual orders at the end of the letter is appended Item (i), for calculated for individual calculation

for wholesalers discount - 10 %